About us

logoCAUCASUS AUTOMOTIVE RETAIL JSC  is a holding company, which operates in the georgian market 2007. company is focused on development. it offers big range of auto service and parts to the corporate and retail costumers.

The company is a world-renowned brand of automobile tire manufacturer Triangle's official representative in Georgia. in addition, company is official representative of german brand Liqui Moly in georgia, which produce lubricants and auto chemistry. Also company is an official representative of SSNAGYONG.

CAUCASUS AUTOMOTIVE RETAIL JSC “, always is focused on quality, which leads to the obvious advantage of this company in georgia, because company offers globaly well known brands to the buyer, which are distinguished by the highest quality. In addition, customers are served by the auto service center, which is equipped with modern technologies. It offers services to the light vehicles as well as trucks. Which once again causes company's advantage.Brends.

The quality and consistency of German-made products is beyond doubt especially when it comes to the automotive industry. Things that require a high level of precision, reliability and overall excellence are usually made there. All base stocks are sourced Europe and Liqui-Moly products are fully imported Germany.
Two reasons to chose TRIANGLE TIRE: Triangle High quality Premium class quality products produced in the most efficient and developed China’s industrial tire plant. There is no analogue for TRIANGLE industrial plant in China. TRIANGLE TIRE is certified by multiple global actors, including globally recognized producers such as Caterpillar, TEREX, VOLVO, IVECO, Hyundai, Doosan and world’s top tire producer GOODYEAR