GEZ MOTORS is the official representative of the Danish tire brand NORDEXX, offering a wide range of tires for personal cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks. providing unique driving and control opportunities with Scandinavian quality.


Nordexx is a part of NDI Group A/S, Northern Europe’s largest tire distributor. The company provides modern and intelligent solutions for all aspects of the tire industry, with the promise to keep our customers rolling. NDI Group is 100% family owned. Nordexx is a global brand offering a wide range of tires at competitive prices. The Nordexx brand provides a full assortment of reliable tires for summer, winter and all-season purposes. We have tires for almost any vehicle category, including personal cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, and busses. Our purpose is to enable people to drive safely and economically. The company provides modern and intelligent solutions for all aspects of the tire industry. Summer, winter or all-season? Personal cars, SUVs, vans, trucks or busses? Whatever you drive and whenever you drive it, rest assured that Nordexx has the tires for it. Our extensive product range exceeds all modern consumer expectations – and naturally meets European and American standards. Our top priority is to offer the right quality with an appealing design and at an attractive price. That’s why Nordexx is the obvious choice for consumers who are price-conscious but will not compromise on quality or performance. Our customers  are at the very core of our company. Together we constantly strive to develop our business towards meeting market demands in a competitive environment. With modern solutions and logistics we are expanding Nordexx towards becoming the global go-to brand for quality tires at a sensible price.


The Nordexx philosophy is that control does not come standard. It takes skills and determination. It takes knowledge and understanding, and it takes connection. Connection to the world, to the people in it, and to the road we are travelling. We must connect to control.

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